We believe in human relationships that, like weft and warp, weave our lives

The fabrics we produce are not just the result of the union of warp and weft: in each of them you can find our history and the stories of the people who have worked with us since 1927

The success of a Company depends on wether you can form a team that shares the same thoughts, in which members communicate closely by sharing informations and ideas. The key to surviving in such an era is sharing

We believe it is essential to invest in people in order to build a better future and to improve quality, sustainability and innovation. For this reason we continuously invest in culture and training for our people, for students and customers.

Brunello finances activities for the restoration and protection of the artistic heritage and invests in recreational and social activities for the territory. The link with the territory is part of company’s DNA: many of the people who work in Brunello belong to this area. Financing social, sporting and artistic activities means protecting the social context in which the Company is inserted. Brunello supports the Varese Rowing Club – International Rowing Center, some football schools, recreational and social activities including concerts and school shows. In 2017 Brunello inaugurated the Brunello nursery school with the laying ceremony of the monument in memory of the founders of the company, Giuseppe and Maria Ghiringhelli, always committed in teaching to the new generations. Brunello promotes and supports the restoration and protection of the Church of S. Maria Annunciata in Brunello built between in 1200/1300 and considered one of the most precious testimonies of history and art of the whole Varese area.