We have always believed in our values ​​and in our people: weft and warp of our DNA.
1927 foundation Brunello was founded in 1927 by Giuseppe and Maria Ghiringhelli, the grandparents of Elisabetta. “In reality, there is evidence of my family’s involvement in the Brunello textile industry as early as the 15th century..." 1935 artificial fibres “Then in 1935, the sanctions imposed on Italy complicated matters and it became impossible to procure yarn..." 1956 female leadership “My grandfather Giuseppe passed away in 1956 and my mother Anna Maria, born in 1932, was ‘forced’ to take over the industrial business. Imagine what it must have been like for a woman to run a business at that time..." 1960 mass production of garments "The mass production of garments had replaced handmade tailoring, this led to the creation of the garment maker..." 1970 internationalisation “In these years, the markets have expanded and from Italy our products are now delivered to leading companies all over Europe..." 1980 innovation “From my parents I inherited the determination and strong desire to make beautiful things and to make them well, together with the love for innovation. We were one of the first companies in the world to experiment with the combination of the jacquard machine mounted on an air loom..." 1997 the new generation "The key to surviving in such an era is sharing. We are no longer living in an era where a single person can carry on the business alone. The success of a company depends on the ability to form a team that shares the same goals..." 1999 expansion "Those who come to visit us do not only find looms that thump day and night, churning out 15 million metres of products per year..." 2006 new investments “Starting from 2006, it became strategic to invest in the company..." 2019 BemBAZIN™ "We carried out some research and began developing traditional African garments called Bazin, acquiring a patent for the fabric under the BemBAZIN™ brand, which incorporates the name Bemberg™, the main yarn..." the future proudly Made in Italy “We only sell what we produce at Brunello, we do not market anything, and this is a source of pride for us, which we try to convey to all the people we meet..."