BemBAZIN ™ is an innovative and precious fabric for African Damask made in Italy. Its composition makes it unique in the world.

BemBAZIN ™ is made with Bemberg ™, a Japanese yarn obtained from cotton fibre using a highly technological process that, when woven in combination with the finest cottons, gives life to high quality fabrics with innovative technical characteristics. BemBAZIN™ offers high comfort due to its natural breathability, which increases after the first few washes. Thanks to its composition, BemBAZIN ™ has high absorption and moisture-dispersal power, which keeps the body dry and gives a natural sensation of freshness. The natural shine of the Bemberg ™ yarn, combined with the wide variety of weaves used, gives the woven patterns a three-dimensional look, brightness and exceptional colour tones, even after washing. All this makes BemBAZIN ™ unique in the world. BemBAZIN™ is a registered trademark of Brunello spa. The type of fabric and its production cycle have been patented by Brunello spa. Asahi Kasei is Brunello’s exclusive partner for BemBAZIN™.