Brunello attends in 14 International Trade Shows each year

Milano Unica is the main exhibition for high quality fabrics and accessories for women and men clothing. Designed, organized and led by entrepreneurs, it offers the best international visibility to the textile world in a highly qualified context according with the quality of the products. Brunello presents the new autumn winter 2020/21 collection inside the Ideabiella pavilion.

With more than 470 exhibitors, the London Textile Fair is the UK’s premier platform for fashion fabrics, clothing accessories, print studios and vintage garments. It is the opportunity for Brunello to deal with an international and avant-garde market.

The Première Vision fair in New York is the opportunity for Brunello to meet professionals from North America together with 300 other exhibitors, selected among the best weavers in the world, leather goods manufacturers, accessory companies, design studios and manufacturers.

Munich Fabric Start is one of the leading european textile trade show, with a huge selection of collections, from fabrics to haute couture accessories. Brunello presents the new fall / winter collection 2020/21 to visitors coming from all over Europe, including buyers and designers for the most influential retailers and fashion brands.

The major kind of supplying materials and services companies for the fashion industry (yarns, fabrics, leather, designs, accessories) come together in Paris, the capital of fashion. Brunello will present the new fall / winter 2020/21 collection, offering visitors the quality of their fabrics and linings.

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics is a comprehensive platform to showcase supreme apparel fabrics and accessories. Brunello take parts in one of the largest and most complete exhibitions of fabrics and accessories in the world to explore new market opportunities and add value to its business.