Brunello’s fabric for Scribano collection

Since 1927 Brunello has combined tradition, innovation, sustainability and traceability to offer high quality products proudly Made in Italy. The collaboration with Scribano for the Cerimonial collection is a project that represents also our values, for this reason we are proud to be part of the production of these high quality suits.

For over half a century, Scribano Confezioni has been designing and manufacturing ceremonial suits for men in Italy with 100% Made in Italy fabrics, of great value.
The fundamental aspects that drive the company in the creation of each piece of clothing are craftsmanship, creativity and innovation.

Classic, elegant and refined dresses, with a creative and precious style, made in Italy. Scribano packaging selects only Made in Italy quality fabrics, these are tested in the company’s laboratories to ascertain the properties necessary for the realization of each individual model. With its Privè and Siciliano collections, Scribano makes luxury garments in style and comfort. Enzo miccio collection imagines a bridegroom aware of himself that, in his big day, chooses a suit that speaks of himself and his personality.

All this is made possible thanks to the work of expert artisans, who preserve the skills of the Sicilian tradition and wisely blend them with innovative techniques, made in Italy. The ceremonial and bridal gowns are handmade by hand in the laboratories of Valguarnera, in Sicily , from tailors specialists attentive to all stages of packaging. From the cut of the fabric to the last action of the details, to always guarantee clothes in a workmanlike manner.