S stands for Sanremo, but also for Sustainability!

Gio Evan chooses BemBAZIN ™ fabrics by Brunello for his outfits to perform his latest hit «Arnica» on stage at the Sanremo Festival

Beauty, innovation, sustainability and social commitment. Together we can, combining different elements and stakeholders: art and the good communication by a young singer like Gio Evan; fashion design, thanks to new generation designers such as Waxewul, with an ethical and social point of view; high quality materials thanks to the vision and know-how of committed companies and made in Italy production, such as Brunello.

The outfits were tailor-made with our exclusive BemBAZIN™, which combine vibrant African colors, Italian craftmanship and responsible innovation. 

BemBAZIN™ is an innovative fabric invented and patented by Brunello, that features the high-tech and responsible fiber Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei, which comes from the transformation of pre-consumer cotton linters converted through a traceable and transparent process. The fibers are GRS certified and intertwined with raw materials, offering a unique shine, intense colors and a three-dimensional pattern effect, elements that made the singer’s garments unique.

Waxewul is the Italian fashion brand that designed the outfits, which focuses on high quality materials, ethical processes and social committment.on i suoi colori, come un inno di speranza.

The unconventional and sustainable choice by Gio Evan, who preferred the craftsmanship of the all-female team of Waxewul over the big brands, was explained by the singer as follow: “No giants, no high-profile brands. I had otheroptions but they didn’t win me over as my friend Francesca (Waxewul). So I asked her to dress me.»

Beauty, innovation, sustainability and social commitment: together we can. Let’s join forces to promote responsible innovation at every level!