We were among the first to believe in sustainable energy. And we continue to do it!

What happens when you were among the first to believe in sustainable energy? A photovoltaic system must be renewed, even if all the necessary maintenance has been done. The operation is called revamping, and it is an investment that can help … to find the right energy.

As a company, we care about energy-saving policies aimed at reducing polluting emissions. We started a process to modify our installations in a way that better respects the environment. Our first plant for the production of clean energy for our own consumption has been active in our logistics since 2010.

Ten years after installation, it was time to do a check. To do this, we are partnering with Elmec Solar, “neighbors” in the industrial area of Brunello. The results are clear: the performance analysis showed that in 2020 the plant produced 40% less energy.

No doubt: it was time for revamping, the implementation of all the procedures aimed at modernizing, modifying and improving the system.

In this case, we have replaced all the photovoltaic modules and in this way we are able to produce clean energy for our own consumption.