Brunello supports the Master of Noble Fibers

Brunello S.p.A. has recently registered his name among the supporters of the Biella Master of Noble Fibers, showing its commitment in training.

Students of the master, after a theoretical lesson, were hosted at the Brunello for three days of internships during which they had the opportunity to get to know a completely different reality from the one they were used to live. Visitingthe weaving and finishing department of synthetic fibers was a pleasant learning opportunity.

Jacquard weaving in particular is the strength of Brunello, which creates and puts into production millions of meters every year with incredible patterns, designs, colors and weaves.

It was extraordinary for the students to be able to know all the secrets of an art as ancient as that of jacquard weaving and to understand how wide the variety of fabrics that can be created with these looms is.

Brunello has the potential to create without limits and, for this reason,students were get involved also by creating their own fabric.

A rich and engaging experience that adds another important piece to education and will be included in future editions of the Master.