There is life after waste

The saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has never been truer.
The Material Match Making Platform is a powerful tool that helps matching materials and technology needs.

Every year we produce a large quantity of textile waste that has little chance of being recycled and recovered, and that requires high disposal costs. For this reason, we decided to participate in the European Life M3P – Material Match Making project, which aims to create a database of waste materials from companies belonging to different sectors. This database is available to everyone in order to find the perfect solution to every creative need and to give a second life to industrial waste.

The Life M3P project – co-funded by the European Commission under the Life 2014-2020 Programme – will study and implement an on-line platform to promote exchanging of industrial waste among the companies of manufacturing districts. The Life M3P project will last three years (October 2016 – September 2019) and it  runs in Italy – Lombardy, Belgium – Flanders, Greece – Western Macedonia, Spain – Asturias.

The final objective is to demonstrate and apply experimentally a model of territorial management of industrial waste in order to promote the Industrial Symbiosis. Through the proposed model, the project wants to boost the overall efficiency of industrial processes in the target areas by increasing the use of industrial waste and reducing landfill, storage and transport.

Implementing and using the on-line platform, will allow to address the lack of information about the industrial waste produced in a local area, through a systematic approach oriented to the life cycle of products and to the material chain needed to make them.

In particular, the partnership – coming from Italy, Belgium Spain and Greece – aims to strengthen local networks for the improvement of the industrial waste, fostering their use in other local businesses and reducing the needs for treatment, storage, transport and the consequent environmental impact.