J_HOOD_BAG: the new sustainable doubleface jacket by Waxewul made with BemBAZIN ™

Waxewul launches J_HOOD_BAG in collaboration with Brunello: a doubleface jacket made with 100% sustainable materials with a removable hood that can be transformed in a colorful bag.

J_HOOD_BAG is an exclusive, innovative and sustainable garment with minimal impact on the environment made of @bembazin – a new generation of bazin created, patented and produced by @brunello_spa which is composed by the high-tech and responsible fibers of Bemberg™ – on one side and of wax on the other, traceable and certified, guaranteeing a reduction in waste (two jackets in one) and a long-life cycle.

DOUBLE because there are 2 sides on which you can wear J_HOOD_BAG: on one side in Wax fabric, on the other in BemBAZIN ™ for a perfect “urban-street” combination, an extraordinary vivacity of colors and refinement thanks to the processing that gives three-dimensionality in the designs and shine in every movement.

DOUBLE because there are 2 natures contained in BemBAZIN ™ fabric. Waxewul’s choice was to introduce the public to this innovative fabric that binds African tradition with the excellence of Made in Italy, in a modern and urban perspective. The bazin, in fact, typically sewn in traditional Boubou, has been revisited here and proposed in a “street jacket”.

DOUBLE because the purpose is to merge 2 cultures, that of the African tradition and the contemporary metropolitan one, for a woman who maintains the link with her roots but at the same time is a citizen of the world.