You can not manage what you can not measure

GRS – Global Recycle Standard

We are acknowledging the crucial importance of recycling for the growth of a sustainable production and consumption model: we use yarns that meet the Global Recycled Standard.


FSC – Forest Stewardship Council

We have long been implementing
a policy to improve quality standards with particular attention to the environment and to reduce environmental impacts. As part of this effort, we decided to include in our collections articles made of artificial fibres from wood pulp, which guarantee qualitative and ethical values in accordance with the FS C -STD-40-004 V3.0 standard.Download

Traceability TFashion

TFashion is the traceability certification scheme promoted by the Italian Chambers of Commerce, as a support tool for all Italian companies wishing to guarantee the origin and safety of their products.

A tool to demonstrate transparency towards the final consumer, responsibility towards suppliers, product authenticity and ethical behaviour.


No harmful substance

Our fabrics comply with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.
We are certified as an environmentally friendly company in our processes and infrastructure, and we verify and guarantee that there are no harmful substances in our products.


  • CUPRO BEMBERG™ from cotton lintres
  • VISCOSE ENKA® from wood pulp
  • ACETATE NAIA™ from wood pulp
  • MODAL®
  • HEMP from “Cannabis Sativa”
  • LENPUR™ from cultivated wood fiber
  • KAPOK vegetal fiber from Kapok tree
  • NETTLE vegetal fiber from “Urtica Dioica” herbaceous plant
  • BAMBOO from Bamboo pulp with high cellulose content
  • CRABYON® from chitin/chitosono and cellulose pulp fiber
  • RECYCLED POLYESTER from post consumer PET
  • RECYCLED POLYAMIDE from pre consumer polyamidE

For Brunello, quality means durability. We are committed to producing long-lasting fabrics for garments that can circulate as long as possible, starting from select, certified, recycled and recyclable raw materials. We use plant-based yarns, kind to the environment and to our skin.