Suspension. Reflection. Renaissance.

During the lockdown period, the passing of time slowed down, becoming more intimate, and at times confusing. A period in which rhythms, colours and sounds made our days look and feel completely different. We were suddenly obliged to change our plans, our habits and our priorities. We found ourselves, naked and vulnerable, forces to reckon with an unpredictable present and a future to be redesigned.

But this period of suspension was also a time for making choices and for welcoming new opportunities. We may have rediscovered our limits, feeling unsure at times, as if we had lost our bearings, but then we also rediscovered how strong we can be when we all pull together. We saw what it means to be part of a family. We learned to recognize the value of what is really important, and to discard what we don’t really need. We rediscovered our roles as flatmates in the same house, a home that must be protected and safeguarded.

The new Brunello Autumns Winter 21/22 collection is fruit of these considerations.

We started with our identity, our history; we eliminated the superfluous and have returned to our roots.

The fabrics and linings are inspired by our historical archives, proposing a new, modern take on pied-de-poule patterns, tartans, and Prince of Wales checks. Classic patterns are renewed by precious jacquards, pied-de-poule designs are shaken up to become elaborate weaves with a couture allure, and geometric designs.

The fibers are soft and gentle, with flowing, silky smooth textures, in both the lightweight materials and the heavier varieties with monochromatic designs.

This collection expresses Brunello in its purest, most authentic form: a combination of high quality raw materials, experience, technological innovation, history, the finest Italian production.

It is only the starting point for creating new projects and partnerships, for generating new materials, shapes, and colours. Together. We strongly believe that only by creating a community of companies with the same strong values we can build up strong basis for a better future.