Brunello is one of the first signatories of the “Fashion Forever Green Pact”

FSC launches a call for fashion and textile companies to curb the industry’s impact on deforestation and biodiversity loss. Participants include H&M Group, Masai Clothing Company, Brunello Spa, JBS Textiles Group, Aditya Birla Group, Bitte Kai Rand, and Bravo World.

At Brunello, we are proud to join the FSC mission to protect worldwide forests. For this reason we have decided to sign the Fashion Forever Green Pact: only by creating a community of companies that share the same values we can build a better future, together.

Brunello is a FSC partner since 2017 and it is the first textile Company in Italy to obtain the certification.

With the rising need for renewable and sustainable fibres in recent years, man-made cellulosic fibres (MMCFs) have become the fastest growing fibre in the market. However, most of this material still comes from uncertified forests around the world – leaving their ecosystems vulnerable to deforestation, and threatening biodiversity and the livelihoods of those that depend on them.

The Fashion Forever Green Pact is based on a set of three actions that aim to build sustainability into the fashion industry’s growing reliance on fibres and other forest-based materials. At its core, the initiative represents an industry-wide collaboration between FSC and brand owners to drive a shift in sourcing practices and ultimately safeguard forests globally. By joining, companies proactively commit to responsible procurement policies, sustainable sourcing of 100% of FSC-certified MMSFs within a year of signing and labeling at least one collection with the FSC label by 2025.