Stella McCartney’s 2020 Summer campaign celebrates the power of plants. To get to the root of the sustainable production process, Stella and her team shot the second part of the campaign in Brunello.

During the lockdown period, the passing of time slowed down, becoming more intimate, and at times confusing. A period in which rhythms, colours and sounds made our days look and feel completely different. We were suddenly obliged to change our plans, our habits and our priorities. We found ourselves, naked and vulnerable, forces to reckon with an unpredictable present and a future to be redesigned.

Brunello has been uniting tradition, innovation, sustainability and traceability since 1927, offering a high-quality product proudly made in Italy. The collaboration with Carlo Pignatelli for the Green capsule collection of wedding dresses is a project that carries our same values, which is why we are proud to be part of the production of these high quality and eco-friendly dresses.

Brunello has recently become a supporter of the Biella Master of Noble Fibres, showing considerable interest in the training activities carried out.